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Tushima "Tammy" Goswami Rauch

Studiobesitzerin / Regular Teacher

Tammy, born in Calcutta, India was living with her family in New York City and moved to Vienna in 2008.

In Spring 2006, under the personal and direct teachings of Bikram Choudhury, she completed teacher training and became a certified Bikram Yoga teacher.

Since then, she has taught classes at the international Headquarters' studio in Los Angeles where Bikram Choudhury is also teaching classes.

She was also teaching in New York City, Chicago, Kentucky, San Diego and internationally in Hamburg, Berlin and Vienna.

Tammy studied and worked as a Physical Therapist in New York City, NY. Although she had a wide range of patients her focus was on treating sports injuries and children with disability.

The first time I did Bikram Yoga was at the "Lower East Side" studio in Manhattan. I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for! It was very different and challenging and I loved the Yoga right away, especially how it made me feel when I finished the class.

Working as a therapist I immediately saw the medical benefits in a steady practice. I endorsed it openly and gave the Yoga to all my clients as therapeutic exercises. They all benefited greatly and are still practicing Bikram Yoga today!

Bikram, it's just so good for you... it's not only a Yoga practice but a way of life to radiant health!