Tushima Goswami Rauch

Tushima "Tammy" Goswami Rauch

Studio Owner / Regular Teacher
Tammy, born in Calcutta, India was living with her family in New York City and moved to Vienna in 2008 ...

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Petra Ried

Regular Teacher
is born in Vienna and commutes between the Toscany of Austria (Burgenland) and Vienna back and forth. Since her childhood ...

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Julia Baumgarten

Regular Teacher
Julia grew up in Berlin. After becoming a physical therapist in 2005 she moved to Vienna where she is living and working ...

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Sophie Partik

Regular Teacher
Sophie's biggest passion has always been sports. Field hockey, tennis and running (marathons) were just a few of her hobbies ...

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Mario van Dulmen

Regular Teacher
Mario comes from the Netherlands. He was born and grew up in a small town north of Amsterdam. After Highschool he moved to ...

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Maria Bachmann

Guest Teacher
Maria was born in Estonia. Since her childhood she has been interested in yoga. Marias parents brought several books about ...

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Alex Lackner

Guest Teacher
Half-Austrian/Half-Hungarian, Alex has practised or tried out just about any sport you can imagine ...

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Stephanie Pichler-Rossbacher

Regular Teacher
Caught in a stressful job Steffi was looking for a balance in life and found it in the hotroom ...

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